• OrthoTrain is a six module comprehensive clinically oriented course that empowers the thinking clinician to practice fixed orthodontics in their clinic.

    The diagnostic skills of the practitioners are refined to such an extent that a holistic approach to optimum occlusion is developed. Dentists become competent to understand the complex relationships of the oro-facial tissues and even interdisciplinary cases can be treated by the practitioners to give a complete restoration of health to their patients.

  • OrthoTrain came about because there was a gap in learning and a lack of knowledge about Orthodontics in BDS college courses. A BDS level college curriculum did not promote or equip the general dentist who would graduate to practice orthodontics efficiently.

    A basic knowledge of all the other branches of dentistry has been instilled. A general dentist can practice root canals, extractions, bridges but sufficient knowledge to practice fixed orthodontics is generally not provided at the BDS level. OrthoTrain is designed to bridge this gap.

  • Dr. Akshay Rathi will be teaching all the aspects of Orthodontics in OrthoTrain. As of now, OrthoTrain does not have any other faculty and all courses are taken by Dr. Rathi.

  • To see a complete list of our current course offerings and the dates please check out the schedules page or contact us.

  • No laptop will be required - just your presence is necessary. Come, sit back, learn and enjoy the course. Detailed hand-outs will be provided to you.

  • Please carry an open mind and a positive attitude with you. That's all Dr.Rathi wants.

  • Since you will be working on clinical patients your attire should be suited to that. The ambience and decorum of a clinical office is to be maintained. Please carry a clinical apron with you as you will be working on patients.

  • There are no prerequisites other than the fact that you have completed your BDS degree. OrthoTrain will start right from the ABC of Orthodontics. No compulsion to study before registering as all clinical aspects will be covered. In addition, Dr. Rathi will be guiding you regarding what you need to refer to from time to time during the course. Detailed module specific handouts will be provided to you.

  • OrthoTrain is designed to empower you to start cases in your offices at the end of the first module itself.

  • A basic complimentary kit of instruments is provided to you in the course. All course material will be supplied to you.

    For purchase of bracket kits and other supplies for your private patients, dealers will be present in the course and you can make the requisite purchases.

  • Each module starts at 9.00 am with tea/coffee and breakfast and you are expected to reach in time so that you do not miss out on important presentations. The course generally goes on till atleast 6.00pm but may vary depending upon the content on that particular day.

  • OrthoTrain is known for its hospitality. All your meals are with us - right from morning breakfast till evening high tea. Stay is however not included in the course but we can guide you with places to stay. For lady participants travelling alone, PG accommodation is possible provide you intimate us in time.

  • The 6 session orthodontic continuing education course is an intense comprehensive training program. From the clinician it requires an immense commitment of time, effort and energy, along with an open mind and a passion to achieve. In return it offers you an unparalleled level of knowledge and the scope to increase your revenue options.

  • It is useful to the entire spectrum of practicing dentist right from the BDS to specialists in any other branch. You as a practising dentist will handle orthodontic cases yourself in your office.

  • No, this course is intended for general practitioners and specialists who have little to no prior experience in orthodontics. We understand that you learn little about clinical orthodontics in dental school.

  • If you desire to incorporate comprehensive orthodontics into your practice, then this course offers you an efficient, practical, and systematic approach to learning orthodontics.

  • A dentist who wants to think smart, work smart and earn more. Someone who wants to become a hero.

  • The fact that this is a true hands-on course with patients that each pair of students are assigned to treat during the 12 month course. You are not observing or working only on typodonts. There is, but of course a typodont and lab practice along with a live demo, prior to your working on the patients under the expert supervision of the course instructor.

  • The small group format, comprehensive training program on fixed orthodontics spans across 6 bi-monthly sessions. There will be lectures, videos, live demos, hands-on activities, lab-exercises, practising on typodonts and treating live patients along with assignments, seminars and evaluations. In general each session aims to be enjoyable and informative.

  • Please go through the Course Brochure. It is in a downloadable pdf format.

  • No, absolutely not. 100% attendance is required to get an all-around knowledge about fixed Orthodontics. We have created a very sound course structure, which must be adhered to.

  • No, the first module has to be done first.

    All other modules have to be attended, in order, preferably to completely understand the art of practical orthodontics. In case you miss a module due to any reason, you can do the same with the subsequent batch at no extra costs. It is necessary that you intimate us if you are missing any session. Only on completion of the course and assignments will you be provided with a certificate.

  • All participants are free to attend any lecture, session, day or module in the future at any time at no extra costs. Please confirm your attendance with us according to the course calendar.

  • The course is designed to be a yearlong is because that is approximately how long an orthodontic treatment plan lasts. Also you will be following up the patients that you start in module 1 for the full year ahead.

  • Each student will typically start treating one patient from diagnosis and bonding to retention (or as close to retention as possible given the treatment plan). Students will treat the same patient and more cases in the subsequent modules throughout the course. Students will also act as assistant to the student that they are paired with in the clinic. This means that each student will be directly involved in the treatment of several patients during the course.

  • No, the Academy will provide students with their patients for the clinical aspect of the course. But if you wish to start your own case at the centre, please inform in advance and take a suitable time slot for the same.

  • All supplies will be provided, you just need to come with an open mind. An open mind that’s all you need to carry, that can’t be stressed enough. And a smile. And a Clinic Apron.

  • The course is predominantly held in Bombay, but if there is a group of 12 – 15 people in another city then we can hold a course over there. Please get in touch with us on landline number in case your group of dental friends want to do the course together.

  • Bigger knowledge, bigger wallet, better understanding of orthodontics and an edge over other dentists.

  • To know the dates of upcoming courses please check the schedule.

  • The course covers all the clinical aspects of orthodontic cases. So that the general dentist does not appear at a loss while treating patients. Even if you are at a loss don’t know what to do, then please feel free to contact Dr. Rathi at mobile number or email him at email id.

  • To know the course curriculum please check download the brochure.

  • Please look at the course structure page it is mentioned in detail out there.

  • Yes, it is valid. Orthotrain has had a lot of global participation with dentists from Nigeria, Oman, Kenya who have already done the training and are in active practice.

  • This is how long a patient naturally takes in an orthodontic treatment, we think it is a good practice method to take you through that course. Since you will be dealing with live patients and in-clinic case, Dr.Rathi will be guiding you from start to finish.

  • Yes, it is perfectly legal because it is a final year BDS subject, only hitch that stops a general dentist from practising Orthodontics in clinics is the lack of skill and content, along with management skills to treat patients. But Orthotrain is not a Degree or a Diploma – it is a skill enhancement, mentor driven course. Orthotrain has been on for more than 10 years now with no legal disputes of any sort till now. All participants are in active clinical practice. Some are treating cases at their friend’s clinics too (consulting).

  • The course materials include a set of 6 handbooks complied by Dr. Akshay Rathi, a complimentary set of basic instruments.

  • Yes, then can provide technically sound advice to your patients. We have had participants who are into teaching and not pursuing active Orthodontic practice.

  • No, because the courses are practical training programs your presence with is compulsory.

  • Tardiness is frowned upon, because you will miss out on the lecture, but due to unforeseen circumstances you have reached late; then you could attend the missed lecture portions with the next batch. In case of unavoidable delays, if you have not missed much then Dr. Rathi will simply get you up to speed.

  • Not a problem, you can catch on the missed day or module with the next batch. (In case of emergencies)

  • No, because you can’t treat a patient through the screen/video.

  • Yes, if you have 100% attendance and have completed all the assigned course work, seminars and projects. This is a continuing dental education certificate but not a degree or diploma of any sort.

    Orthotrain is an ISO 9001: 2008 compliant certified course. Certification is usually on the 15th day – the last day of the 6th module. There will be a small party which you are requested to attend with your near and dear ones.

  • Anyone who is a general dentist and has completed their bachelor of dental sciences and above and beyond can join the course. Nothing below that.

  • Any dental clinician can practice Orthodontics to a certain extent, provided they have learnt about the how's and why's/techniques about practical orthodontics. That's where our courses come in to help you do so.

  • The small group format, comprehensive training program on fixed orthodontics spans across 6 bi-monthly sessions. There will be lectures, videos, live demos, hands-on activities, practising on typodonts and treating live patients along with assignments and evaluations. In general each session aims to be enjoyable and informative.

  • The Pre-adjusted Edgewise Appliance more popularly known as the Straight Wire Technique. Roth, MBT, etc. will be the basics of this course. In addition, you will learn about space maintainers, habit breaking appliances, fixed and removable myo-functional appliances, aligners, fixed and removable retainers, micro or mini implants, etc. You will be trained to practice labial orthodontics at the end of the first module itself.

    There will be lectures on lingual technique and Begg’s technique, but these will not be covered to the extent that you can practice them. You will only learn basics of this.

  • 1:15 since we will never exceed beyond 15 students in our classroom.

  • Dr. Akshay Rathi will be teaching all the modules.

  • This helps you to start cases in your practice and come back to us with doubts, if any. Also, Orthodontics, being a new chapter for many, it helps to revise the massive information imparted in each module. You can also see the patients that you start in the first module over 1 year.

  • Click on the course curriculum or download the brochure to know more details.

  • No, Stay is not a part of the program. Arrangements have to be made individually by yourselves.

  • A large part of your day will be with us. As such, you will not be able to enjoy any property and you are suggested to make arrangements in any decent accommodation that is relatively close to the venue.

    Hotels in Andheri west will be the closest from the venue. Please do the bookings well in advance so that you do not end up spending a bomb on stay in Mumbai.

    Some of the places where our past participants have stayed are :

    Ambar Guest House ( Low Cost):
    Mob: 9870988402
    Tel: 022-26287918, 022-26288402, 022-26711258
    Email: amber.ahamed@yahoo.com
    Address: A/3 Krishna Kunj, 56, Opposite Shoppers Stop, Next To ICICI Bank, Lallubhai Park Road Andheri West, Mumbai 400058

    Hotel Mid-Town (Middle Range):
    Tel: 66951275, 66951276, 66951277, 26288882, code 022
    Fax: 91-22-66951274
    Email: midtown17@vsnl.net
    Website: www.hatelmidtownindia.com
    Address: S.V. Road, Opposite Andheri Station West. Mumbai 400058

    Sapphire Residency:
    Mob: 9619631007, 9699710107, 9221973909
    Email: sapphireonliner@ymail.com
    Website: sapphireonliner.com
    Address: Mahakali caves road, Andheri East. Mumbai 400093

    Other options which you can check on the internet include:
    Hotel Satellite
    Hotel Ramada Plaza
    Hotel Milan
    Hotel Sun and Sand

    Single lady participants can contact us if they want to stay on a PG basis as we have friends who will accommodate them.

  • No you don’t need one, the public transport is good, and you just have sit and relax and enjoy and learn from the lectures.

  • We understand that events occur in life that prevent on time appearances. If you are late, please find a seat in the back of the room. At the next break, please check-in with the appropriate person(s) and find a seat.

  • No, but if you want us to take care of your accommodations we could provide you with a few options.

  • No we are well connected by every mode of transportation.

  • No, we don’t provide either them. Mumbai as a city is easy enough to find your stay and way.

  • We will always be right behind you to guide you, if you unsure about a case. Don’t ever forget that Dr. Rathi is just a phone call away.

  • No, you cannot because you have not done your MDS in Orthodontics. You have just acquired practical knowledge to undertake clinical Orthodontic cases. OrthoTrain is not a degree or a diploma.

  • Yes you can, please feel free to get in touch with Dr. Rathi if you are unsure about something.

    Continued guidance is a highlight of this course and participants from even the earlier batches are in constant touch in case of any doubts.

    Additionally update and upgrade sessions are held at regular intervals for all the OrthoTrain participants.

  • Yes, it is a practical course.

  • We will always be right behind you to guide you, if you unsure about a case. Don’t ever forget that Dr. Rathi is just a phone call away.>Yes, the clinical advantage of the OrthoTrain course is that you can start treating Orthodontic patients, once Module 1 is complete.

    As a matter of fact, you are requested to collect all the records (study models, OPG, lateral cephalogram and pictures) of the patients that you wish to start, and bring the same to the course to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Hold your horses!! You will learn all about how to incorporate Orthodontics in your practice in the OrthoTrain course.

  • One of the main reason you should incorporate orthodontics in your practice is due to the fact that in India there are close to 300 dental colleges, every year 25,000 – 26,000 dentist’s graduate. Unless you set yourself apart from your neighbour your will not be able to establish a name for yourself. This will help you in differentiation in your general practice as well, as a lot of stress is given to interdisciplinary Orthodontics in the course. To set yourself apart you need to put in effort constantly.

  • Not All but about 70% to 90%. You will also learn which to do and which to refer.

  • We won’t be able to guarantee a seating place, materials, typodonts or patients if you do not pre-register. Call the OrthoTrain number, as soon as you finalise your decision.

  • The reason to cancel is always unique, please contact us directly, we will see what we can do. Also don’t forget to keep your registration code handy.

  • If you’re super sure about doing the course and want to secure your place as early as in 3 - 6 months in advance then please contact us. Yes, an early bird discount will be provided to you if you register early. Also a discount is available if you pay in full before the course begins.

  • Last date of payment is two weeks prior to the course starting date. Beyond that date a late fee will be applied.

  • OrthoTrain wants each of its participants to increase his or her revenues from their practice to scale up substantially. We believe in giving you the best.

    Hence, we do not follow any system of discounts. However, we do have systems in place to suitably reward you if you enrol with us as a group of 2 or more.

    Also an early bird offer will be made available to you if you register early.

  • Please contact us. We will review your case individually.

  • It is important that you pre-register at least two weeks prior to the date of the orthodontic course that you wish. This ensures that all the necessary preparations from our side such that your supplies, typodont, handout and patient are ready when you come for the course.

  • Please contact us directly on the mobile number. If it is feasible we will definitely enrol you. Unfortunately, last minute applicants may not get a seat unless there is a cancellation.

  • Admissions start 4 months in advance. Ideally, the last date of admissions closing is 15 days prior to course commencement. The earlier you tell us the better it is for both of us, especially better for your pocket. You can avail of the early bird offers and we can prepare your patient and supplies well in advance.