This is comprehensive six module program conceptualized By Dr Akshay Rathi for dental practitioners
to incorporate fixed Orthodontics into their day-to-day Clinical practice. The course is designed and devised
for the "Thinking Clinician" and takes a practical approach toward Orthodontics.

Dr Rathi's systematic approach, towards teaching and organizational skill with marketing tips,
makes incorporating orthodontics into the general practice relatively easy.

The academy comprises Of Dr Rathi, The Course Instructor, who will provide on-going support and invaluable
comprehensive clinical hands-on training with fixed and removable orthodontics to enhance facial aesthetics by
directly treating the cases to ensure excellent case results.

Spanning over a year, the small-group format will give you the individual attention you need
to develop skills that will improve overall result and expand the services that you can provide in your practice.

This course is aimed at assuring a thorough understanding for all the Students to avoid
common mistakes and malpractices without having to pay the heavy price of first-hand experience.

In This Clinical Orthodontic Course You Will Be Treating Patients in a clinical setting.
Classes will meet once every two months, for a total of 6 modules - 15 days that span over a year.

In addition to treating patients, students will develop a digital library by taking intra oral photographs
of live cases and giving case presentations to the class seminar sessions.

There also will be time to go over case records brought from each students own practise.

Each module will consist of lectures, videos, live demonstrations by Dr Rathi, hands on activities,
practising on typodonts and treating live patients along with assignments, case discussions and evaluations.

Each module maintains the same format, all chapters are documented by a lecture/slide presentation,
presentation of cases, a video demonstration of the project mechanics whenever needed
and technique with instructions for completing the project.

Each module builds on information from the previous module and is presented in the same sequence
you will encounter in the treatment delivery.

Each module is divided into short and manageable sections. Throughout the course each and every
procedure is supported with a detailed slide sequence of the patient's case demonstrating
the technique and an HD video demonstration of the clinical project.

In order to receive a certificate, you must attend all of the 6 Modules, Complete the short evaluation exams
in module 6 and also the completion of the hands on projects and assignments.

The purpose of this comprehensive 6 session, 15 day program is to teach general, paediatric and specialist
dentists how to diagnose and treat routine orthodontic cases.

Emphasis will be placed on thorough records and diagnosis and treatment will involve using a combination
of functional appliances mainly in mixed dentition and fixed orthodontic braces (straight wire technique)
in permanent dentition.

You will learn a system for treating patients to develop the optimal occlusion for them
which is realistically feasible.

Each orthodontic course is limited in number of participants in order to maintain an optimum,
dynamic student-to-instructor learning experience in a clinical setting.

OrthoTrain offers extended studies in orthodontics, providing you with the opportunity to expand
your practice and unlock your potential as a full service general practitioner.

It is designed to provide you with improved methods to increase the productivity and profitability
of your practice with complete training over a long period to provide personal support
during your patients' treatment and individual diagnostic consultation prior
to treatment with optional progress help throughout your case and bring all the important
Orthodontic skills to your practice where you can ensure a beautiful smile
for your patients and in turn For You and For Your Practise.