Orthotrain Honours is an unique award in which all Orthotrainees are the nominees.

Orthotrain Honours is a recognition of the contributions made by the Train family in various aspects of Orthodontics, Dentistry as well as diverse fields which make them stand out as leaders.

Orthotrain Honours aims to create aspiration values in all of its participants.The purpose of these awards is to recognize those who have achieved so that they rise higher as well as to inspire others to aim for the best and try to reach there.

Orthotrain Honours wants to create a positive competitive environment wherein there is constructive criticism to go only in one direction – northwards.

First Orthotrain Honours Held On 2nd October, 2015

S.NoName of the DoctorExcellence inAward Title
1Dr. Kanta MukherjeeOrthodonticsSpirit Of Education
2Dr. Amruta Wadekar OrthodonticsOrthodontic Case Publication
3Dr. Swapna ThakareOrthodonticsOrthodontic Case Presentations
4Dr. Rahul PatilOrthodonticsInnovations In Orthodontics
5Dr. Aabha PimprikarOrthodonticsFraternity Thoughtfulness
6Dr. A.K. KhanMusic
7Dr. Deepali JoshiSports
8Dr. Smita KapadnisArts
9Dr. Amey & Dr. Deepa KambliDentistry
10Dr. Pratibha WelinjkarDentistry
11Dr. Puneet ThiraniDentistry
12Dr. Sujit PardeshiDentistryDental Education
13Dr. Maqbool AnsariDentistryDental Education
14Dr. Prashant ShirudeDentistryDental Education
15Dr. Moez KhakianiDentistryDental Education
16Dr. Ashwini BhaleraoDentistryDental Education
17Dr. Seema RathiDentistryDental Education