Orthotrain, a content driven, pure clinical course, established itself in the hearts of its participants
and brought immense increase in the practice value of their clinics.

In the wake of continued demand from general practitioners for more such education programs in other branches,
Dr. Akshay and Dr. Seema Rathi decided to introduce more mentors with similar courses in other branches.

Other Courses


Course Director: Dr. Sujit Pardeshi

Dent XL was the first such program conducted at Dr. Rathi’s Centre at Juhu. Dr. Sujit Pardeshi, an alumni of the Orthotrain program, was launched with his 2 day premier program in soft skill training. A very novel content in the field of dentistry, the course was immediately lapped up by knowledge thirsty dentists and this course has now reached great heights and is conducted at various centres across India as well as outside. Dr. Sujit has also pioneered to author a book on this entrepreneur trait of his.

For more details contact:

Mobile: +91 72767 57975


Course Director: Dr. Akshay Rathi

OpTi5 is

  • Optimised Treatment Plan for Restorative, Prosthetic and/or Implant Dentistry ........ utilizing
  • Titanium Micro-implants and/or
  • Upto 5 Orthodontic brackets

OpTi5 is a 2 day session with concentrated, focussed attention on multiple aspects of Interdisciplinary Orthodontics for the restorative and prosthetic aspects of general practice.

It's objective is to equip the Thinking Clinician with the necessary know-how to incorporate fixed Sectional Orthodontics and Orthodontic Microimplants in their offices so as to provide a holistic treatment plan to the patients. Providing the Optimum Occlusion to each patient is its objective.

For more details contact:

Mobile: +91 98200 39041, +91 98201 99793
Email: akshay.seema@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Orthotrain

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One Day Advanced Hands-On Micro-Implant Course For Orthodontists

Course Director: Dr. Akshay Rathi

This course equips the Orthodontic Practitioner to understand the concepts of Orthodontic Micro-Implants. Indications, Contra-Indications, Insertion techniques, Sites, Complications & Failures are all discussed in details with clinical pictures.

Hands-on micro-implant insertion is carried out on models and sheep jaws. Live Patient Demonstration is done subject to availability of a suitable patient. Dealers are present if participants want to purchase the kits and implants. This one day course ends with a question answer session and lastly certification.

For more details contact:

Mobile: +91 98200 39041, +91 98201 99793
Email: akshay.seema@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Orthotrain

Get Wired Into Orthodontics – The Single Tooth Anterior Crossbite Correction
(One day course for IDA – Indian Dental Association)

Course Director: Dr. Akshay Rathi

The science, scope and clinical applications of Orthodontics has not been accorded due attention in the basic graduation program resulting generally in disinterest and sometimes abject aversion to this field by most dental practitioners. However Orthodontics, the oldest speciality of dentistry, is, at heart, aesthetic dentistry that exercises changes in the natural position of the teeth to affect smile outcomes.

Scope of this course:

  • Basic Orthodontic Definitions And Terminology
  • The Six Keys To Normal Occlusion
  • Malocclusion And Its Classification
  • Diagnostic Records Collection
  • Instruments And Appliance
  • Aetiology And Features Of Anterior Crossbite
  • Orthodontic Bonding And Wire Sequencing To Correct Single Tooth Anterior Crossbite
  • Proper Case Selection And Understanding Dental Versus Skeletal Discrepancy
  • Clinical Do’s And Don’ts

For more details contact:

Mobile: +91 98200 39041, +91 98201 99793
Email: akshay.seema@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Orthotrain


Course Director: Dr. Maqbool Ansari

It is a 3 day comprehensive in depth course covering the multifaceted techniques of Periodontics. Its detailed curriculum is suitable to all genres of dental practitioners as it begins right from the basics to the the most advanced soft tissue surgeries and bone grafting procedures. Innovative hands-on experiences help to cement the learning firmly into the practitioners' minds.

Course Director Dr. Maqbool Ansari is very methodical in his approach. An astute clinician, with a keen eye for detail, Dr. Ansari instils in you a love for the subject as well as opens up new sources of revenues for your practices.

For more details contact:

Mobile: +91 99701 05410, +91 98605 98928
Email: periotrain@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/periotrain


Course Director: Dr. Prashant Shirude

It is an intensive 2 day program designed to provide comprehensive information and hands-on training to achieve optimum results using composites. Right from a small filling to a complete smile designing, all the knowledge will be provided with an insight into the selection of materials and instrumentation so that the participant is able to choose and invest correctly.

Dr. Prashant Shirude – the course director, completed his graduation with Dr. Akshay Rathi from GDC Mumbai in 1995. Established in Nashik, he made up a mark for himself and was conducting lectures and courses for various dental companies at the IDA level and other forums. He has specially designed a very practical hands-on oriented course with specific innovative dental models.

For more details contact:

Mobile: +91 90110 99718
Email: drprashantshirude@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/compotrain


Course Director: Dr. Akshay Rathi

For more details contact:

Mobile: +91 98200 39041, +91 98201 99793
Email: akshay.seema@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Orthotrain

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Course Director: Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao

For registration contact: Madhuri, Kavita

Tel: +91 22 26319331, +91 22 65292121
Mobile: +91 98200 95453
Email: ashwinib1170@gmail.com

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