Orthotrain has 6 modules:

  • First module is of 4 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
  • Second to Fifth Modules are of 2 days each (Sunday & Monday)
  • Sixth module is of 3 days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Total 15 days spread over more than a year.

First module has to be done first. If a participant misses any next module due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she can attend that module with a subsequent batch at no extra costs.

Orthotrain empowers the dentists to start cases in their practices after the first module itself. Live patient in the first module helps to provide sufficient self-confidence to start cases immediately on the fifth day itself.

Dates of the first module are decided by the course director. Dates of the next batches are not fixed beforehand. On the last day of the module, the dates of the next module are decided by taking into consideration the schedules of the participants. A minimum of two new batches start every year.

For more details on dates of the next batch please contact:

Mobile: +91 98200 39041, +91 98201 99793

Or leave us a message on the contact form.