Dr. Dinesh Gaekwad

Design of the course is such that you can start earning from Ortho before completion of all modules. Clears all the problems and confusions, repetition of wire bending 3 – 4 times during the course is helping me a lot. All the students and practitioners should join the Orthotrain course. It’s really helpful.
Thank you Sir and Mam.

Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni

I learned from you to think logically in every case – not just in an Ortho case but in general dentistry.

Dr. Ganesh Wagh

Thank You Sir for a wonderful course and arrangement.

Dr. Kishore Nagre

This is the best Orthodontic course.

Dr. Namrata Biyani

Full of knowledge and most important the entire keenness to impart knowledge.
Truly the best journey ever!!

Dr. Onkar Kulkarni

Orthotrain - a great experience from day one..

Dr. Pravin Thorat

Just want to say 'Thank You Sir'

Dr. Sandhya Biyani

...it's a perfect course to upgrade at whatever stage you are. Learning + Fun + Education - All Perfect

Dr. Shakuntala

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Snehal Tuscano

We laugh...we learn.. We played...we participated... We entertained...we educated...
We liked...We loved... We had fun... It’s all we got without getting bored...
We thank you Sir.... Thanks for all the pain you gained
Making us "Orthotrained" ...

Dr. Vikas Mehta

I wish I had done this course quite earlier.

Dr. Yogita Magdum

I think not Dr. Angle but Dr. Akshay should be the father of modern Orthodontics.