Are you are a dentist seeking orthodontic training, seeking to manage a profitable dental practice in today's time
which you know to be exceedingly challenging? Then Read Ahead and Make The Right Choice.

What comprises “proper” training? Let’s be serious. It takes universities three years to train an orthodontist.
Weekend course programs simply cannot provide enough instruction to assure that you attain “standard of care” proficiency.

OrthoTrain is a one year guidance program. It has been designed to empower the "Thinking Clinicians" to practice Orthodontics
independently and broaden their repertoire of offered Services.

Dr Akshay Rathi, a pioneer in the field of orthodontic training, has nurtured his brainchild Orthotrain which will give you
the skills and experience you need to incorporate orthodontics into your practise, dedicating himself to your continued financial success.

Our program is the closest thing out there to an orthodontic residency with the comfort level that students will develop
knowing they are fully supported and will treat actual patients under an instructor's supervision.

All this without having to take a sabbatical and learn full time, considering your application is accepted at your respected school
of learning at a particular time of year.

Is this course right for me?

This course is intended for dentists who have little or no experience in orthodontics and want to incorporate progress into their practise.

From removable appliances to a comprehensive fixed technique, this orthodontic course will take you from your lack of education
to a competent and proficient level of basic orthodontics.

You can add it to your practice immediately, including 70-90% of orthodontic malocclusions which could be within your scope of treatment,
upon completing this orthodontic course.

It will enhance your diagnostic skill by the addition of a steady and progressive patient base opening up new and better referral channels.
It will also broaden your horizons about your own practise and manage it efficiently and update your business strategies with latest innovations
and with an understanding of the revenue stream offered by Orthodontics.

This is a 6 module comprehensive program, not a “short weekend" program of listening and writing, But a one-of-a-kind, hands-on orthodontic course
which includes a comprehensive manual that will be helpful for years to come and a complete knowledge of diagnosis and treatment
planning in a one-to-one training culture with Dr. Rathi who is dedicated to mentor you even after the course is finished
requiring only the commitment of time and energy to extend your professional experience.

Whether you want to begin your knowledge of Orthodontic expertise or want to update your techniques, this is a course noteworthy to your cause.

Educate and train yourself to The Next Level to help yourself exponentially increase the standard of care you provide
to your patients allowing you to offer more services than those you have now, And Building A Bigger And Better Practice For
Years To Come.